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Cold Sore Treatment

  • Zovirax but you need a prescription to get it
  • Abreva- over the counter
  • Valtrex - works immediately -- take a pill just as soon as if feel it coming and it severs the nerve connection.
  • Put some iodine on the area you feel is about or is getting a blister, may avoid it altogether, or drastic reduction in size (but I mean iodine bought in Russian pharmacies, the 3%, not the 1% sold in american pharmacies)
  • Ditto on russian iodine -- that stuff heals ANYTHING
  • take a Lysine supplement, science suggets a lack of Lysine is making it hard on your body to fight the virus causing the cold sore (its a harmless amino acid)
  • Ear wax - I always suffer from cold sores it helps better then anything
  • Regular toothpaste
  • Take either Zovirax pills or Valtrex as soon as you feel it.
  • Put ice on it
  • Herpicin-L -  its a lipbalm with Lysine
  • Russian acyclovir
  • Whatever you do, do not pop it, the liquid inside is highly contagious, you can even get herpes on your finger, it's called herpetic whitlow
  • Press with alcohol often
  • Put garlic on it, but becareful not to burn the area


A chapstick with Acyclovir, Lidocaine and DDG (2-Deoxy-D-glucose)numbs, drying out and heals at the same time. This is a prescription item that could be made by a compounding pharmacy.