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Dance For Fun! Nika Ballet Studio in Brooklyn opens enrollment

Nika Ballet Studio


Nika Ballet Studio opens enrollment into a New Fitness Dance class for Children ages 8-12!

Established in 2006, Nika Ballet Studio is well known in the Russian-American community in New York for its excellent faculty, dynamic approach and commitment to dance education. The school is recognized for its exceptional dedication to development of young talent, attention to the individuality of young dancers, and for the continuous and successful endeavor to introduce
innovations in choreography.

This April, in response to continuous demand, Nika Ballet Studio presents a new, fantastic opportunity for children ages 8 to 12:
The Fitness Dance program is scheduled to start on April 7, 2012.
The class will take place every Saturday, from 1:00 to 2:30 pm and is a wonderful chance for all children with eagerness to learn to dance and for those parents who are looking to keep their kids healthy and active. There are so many benefits of having your child participate in dance lessons; even if it is not their dream to perform on stage! Improvement and development of coordination, balance, posture, muscle tone, self-discipline, and musicality should be the basic goal of any non-professional dance program.

In the New Fitness dance class at Nika Ballet Studio, any child, even without any previous dance training will be able to participate in a program that will serve as a
wonderful introduction to the world of music, movement and fitness! This program is an exciting, energizing blend of aerobics and dance steps derived from distinctive dance forms like jazz, disco, ballet, and hip hop. And it will be lots of FUN!

For more information on this and other programs offered at Nika Ballet Studio please call 718.646.3334 or visit the studio website at