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Doula / Midwife

  • Jessica Goldman... she is with Park Slope Midwives... (718) 499-3636. She delivered both of my kids and I just LOVE her.
  • Marina Evenstein. 203 570-2182
  • Rachel Krauser - and she lives in Tenafly, NJ, but will travel to areas outside of Northern New Jersey. So, for those looking for a doula, her e-mail is        rkisuf at
  • Ana Rhee- St Luke Roosevelt birthing center. My doctor Ana Rhee was acting as a midwife ;) plus I had a doula. Many friends had a baby with Dr Rhee and some had good experience some not.But she and other doctors from her practice allow to have a baby in SLR birthing center. It was great - the baby was taken care of a nurse that was "my" nurse- meaning she was 100% aval at all the times.  Everybody is so nice there, the place is amazing!SLR birthing center is one of the best places for labor in NYC. Especially if you're planning to deliver naturally.
  • SLR (both birthing center and regular L&D in the same hospital) and birthing center hands down beats many other places I've been too. (e.g. NYU, Lenox Hill, Mount Sinai) And, yes, Sandy Woods is a legendary figure and is an AMAZING midwife.  Her practice is so popular now that she's overbooked 6 months in advance, yet she spends enormous time with each and every client at birth.Can't say enough about midwives at St. Luke-Roosevelt hospital. The room was like a luxury hotel room. Huge bed, jacuzzi, shower. If not for the labor pain, I would forget where I am. They even had a "guest room" for husbands/parents, etc. with coffee and refrigerator so you can bring your food. The care there was excellent. One midwife was with me in the morning, then the other one came in the afternoon. We were constantly under supervision. The baby never left my room. The nurse washed the baby and left right next to my bed in the crib. The pediatrician is on call if needed or comes the next day to examine the child. My husband and I were totally happy with the entire experience. Here is info about one of my midwifes: Sandy Woods, CNM 315 West 57th Street, Suite 203, New York, NY, 10019; (212) 603-4160
  • Katya Simon - 631) 942-1429
  • Claudia Raiken. Not Russian but she is awesome!!! I had both my daughters with her. (917) 561-4954
  • Anna Ratmansky -- Seed of Light Doula, she has a page here on facebook: Seed of Light -- check her out
  • Anna Tarasova 732 407 8647, will travel. Very good and price is more than reasonable