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Fertility Specialists / Doctors

List of fertility specialists recommended by our members.

DISCLAIMER: This website does not provide medical advice. This list of doctors was gathered from recommendations by our Russian Parents Facebook Group members. Use your descretion when following any advice on our website.

  • Columbia Center for Women's Reproductive Care - Dr. Sauer, Bway between 57 & 58 sts
  • - They are the best - amazing service. Go to Dr. David Seifer. I had 2 kids with them.
  • Dr George Kofinas in Methodist hospital (A lot of testimonials) 
    - George Kofinas is amazing.
    -Dr. Kofinas got us pregnant after ten yrs of trying with all other specialists, including Greg Shifrin lol. Kofinas perinatal is amazing also.
    -Dr George Kofinas in Methodist hospital!!!
    -Dr. Gearge Kofinas is very good
    -I had problem with breakthrough bleeding right at the time for ovulation and Shifrin along with many other russian obgyns told me it is fine. Kofinas figured out issue after a few tests, and it was not fine. If I would stay with shifrin or listen to others I would never get pregnant. I would suggest to stay away from Russian doctors.
    --Definitely Dr. Kofinas!!!!!!! He is a miracle worker.
    -Dr. Kofinas he is great he is doing meracle work he located in Methodist Hospital
    -Thats interesting. I had a horrible experience with Dr. Kofinas. 
  • Dr. Grazi in Brooklyn. He's a miracle worker, speaking from my own experience.
    -Dr. Grazi is a very professional dr. He does miracles. I strongly reccomend him.
  • Dr Knochenhauer in SI...great!
    - I second dr. knochenhauer!
  • Dr. Gregory Shifrin - I had pcos an went to kofinas fertility institute at NYM hospital, spent quite some time and money for 8 months and never got pregnant! I went to dr. Gregory Shifrin afterwards and had minor surgery and was pregnant two months later. My baby girl is 7 weeks.
    -I had an exactly opposite experience. Went to Gregory Shifrin and he totally dismissed my conserns. He was like, there is no problem with you, you are young and just keep on trying. Didn't even bother to do all the tests. He manually determined that i was fine and i wasn't. Dr. kofinas was the one who helped me get pregnant with my twins.
    -And Greg shifrin got me pregnant 2 months after i saw him after 2 years of trying. i guess we all have different experiences with different practitioners.
  • Dr. Alexander Shifrin  - I strongly recommend  718 238 4707 East 12th bet kings highway and 
    -Dr. Alex shifrin is the best
    -Dr. Alexander Shifrin is the best! He always cares about the patient and always takes time , not like the conveyer process other Doctors!
    -I had a horrible experience with Dr. A. Shifrin when I delivered my first daughter. Too long & personal to get into, but he f**ked up majorly and would not admit or fix it. He has this whole "I am god" attitude.
  • NYU Fertility
  • SIRM - NY
  • Dr. Griffo at NYU
  • Dr. Rozenwalks at Cornell.
  • Dr. Dorcas Morgan she's amazing. When u go to other places u get a consultation by the doctor but most ur care from nurses. With her, she does everything herself, u really get personal care.
  • Center for Human Reproduction , Dr. Barad
  • I know several people w success stories at NYU.
  • Dr. Noyes at NYU Fertility Center.
  • Dr. Silverman 718-972-2700