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How to Increase Milk Supply

  • Strongly recommend breastfeeding exclusively without formula intervention the first 3 weeks as this is the most critical time to create proper milk flow, the processes is deadly hard but worth it; stay away from pumping as long as possible until you get a stable milk supply. It's also better to pump b/c a baby will get more milk out than a pump will, decreasing chances of mastisis and making it easier to sustain a supply. Further, babies who nurse self-regulate the amount they need to eat and are less likely to overeat.
  • Rent a hospital grade pump (some insurance companies will cover the cost, call yours to find out)
  • Increase in milk supply is fairly gradual. You won't see it immediately. I'm sure you've noticed by now that it's very much a "supply and demand" deal. But if you are actively working to boost your supply, you should start to see a noticeable increase in 4 days-1 week. Ultimately, the more you feed/pump the more you'll get. At times when I was desperately trying to boost supply fast, I was feeding and/or pumping every two hours and at least twice during the night. I'd also pump immediately after each feeding.
  • Do u pump? My supply started to go down so I started pumpimg every 2 hours. It took about 1.5 weeks but more milk came in. Also drink any fluid but a lot of it.
  • Eat lots of oatmeal with walnuts
  • Organic Milkmaid Tea from Earth Mama really helped me, drink a lot in general
  • Red raspberry leaf tea 2x/day and pumping with a hospital grade pump worked well
  • Drink a huge cup of tea with milk before and after nursing
  • Lots of sleep and rest (if that's even possible)
  • Kvas and yeast in dark beer increases the flow (try non- alcoholic beer)
  • I was pumping from day 1 but by the 3rd month became concerned with the supply. So I also started with fenugreek capsules without much success but when I added mothers tea it made all difference (like I had so much that I used some of it for baby bath). I had 4 cups of Mother's milk per day plus a few of regular lipton tea. As said above a LOT(!) of fluids, preferably warm, will get you the results.
  • Try pumping for 15 minutes after each baby feeding. Including night time. This should tell your body that baby wants more milk. Your body will create as much milk as baby is able to take. This way you trick it into thinking baby is still in need of more milk. If a regular pump isn't strong enough I would recommend renting a hospital grade pump: medalla symphony. You can google it and some pharmacies will rent them out to you.
  • Pump as often as 1,2 hrs. Breastfeeding is demand supply. The more often u pump and b/feed the more u will have. Also lots and lots of liquids, such as water and green tea with milk and eating makes make a big diff.
  • Breastfeed first and then pump out whts left to stimulate more milk production ! You can save pumped milk and use it later or in the freezer up to 6 months
  • Baby sucking provides hormonal stimulation as well as the physical one, pumping too provides stimulation which is whats really needed to bring in the milk supply as well as increase it. It's the physics behind the supply and demand idea: the greater the demand (bf and/or pump), the bigger the supply!
  • Eat lots of oatmeal w pican nuts, tea with gushenka, tea with milk. Drink lots of fluids and make sure that you don't skip meals and get plenty of calories.
  • You need to also make sure you don't panic or get nervous. Any stress dries out the milk ducts. So try to stay very calm really enjoy the breastfeeding process
  • Drink crazy amount of water and my mom swore and made me sweet tea with condensed milk from can it worked but you have to drink all day and yes increase pumping.
  • La Leche League has some excellent information on increasing milk production. Google it.
  • The most important thing you can do is relax and try not to stress. This effects the supply tremendously.
  • These are the things I do to help increase supply:

- Drink LOTS of water - especially right before pumping. I drank an entire bottle... of poland spring within 45 minutes before pumping session
- Eat a well balanced breakfast and lots of fruit - oatmeal is said to increase supply.
- Drink herbal tea (caffeine free) - like chamomile or raspberry leaf
- I also ate lots of almonds/cashews and dried fruit as snacks
- Don't let yourself go hungry
- Get enough rest and sleep. Sleep is critical to maintaining supply
- try pumping after nursing
-rent a hospital grade pump (link:
-take fenugreek and milk thistle supplements. Make sure you drink lots and lots of water throughout the day! Also, pump every 2 hours or after nursing for at least 15 minutes! Take a warm shower and let the water hit your breasts! Massage your breasts as well. Make sure you put your baby on the boob as it will tremendously help boost supply!
-get in touch with a lactation consultant (link:
A couple of things you're probably already doing the best you can with - but lots of sleep; lots of water and really enough calories. I found a direct correlation to calorie intake and milk production... So, no dieting -
I took the following supplements while I was nursing/pumping. These were all recommended to me by a lactation consultant and the organic store herbalist. Each are in the same family of herbs (and as a nice side benefit - all are great for your liver and kidneys). The most affordable place I've found to buy these (as they can be expensive) is though Amazon - the supplements from Swanson Products - there is a shipping fee, but they are much less expensive than other options - stock up - you can see that each bottle won't last long, if you are taking 4 or 6 tablets a day. I'd drink Mother's Milk Tea all day long ...

Fenugreek (2 pills 2 x a day - going to 3 x day when really low)
Milk Thistle (2 pills 2 x a day)
Blessed Thistle (1 to 2 2x a day)
Fennel Seed (1 to 2 2x a day) - you could skip this one, if you're drinking the tea.
Great source/guide (aka Breastfeeding Bible):