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LUHI SUMMER CAMP - Long Island's Worst Camp - AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

LUHI Summer Camp in Brookville, NY - AVOID THIS CAMP AT ALL COSTS. 
Avoid this dump at all costs. There are a multitude reasons for this warning. To start off with smaller ones: awful unairconditioned transportation, horrible bus routes, buses breaking down, rude white trash staff girls, huge children to counselor ratio - perhaps 1 coach for 50+ kids, lying director, but most importantly, your child could get a serious bodily injury, like in our case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moving on to the important part of our review: a known sociopathic bully attacked our kid, put him in a headlock, flipped by legs and made to fall head backwards. Unfortunately for our son, there was ZERO supervision by adults or even teen counselors when this happened. Our child blacked out and after he came back from a blackout, he ended up assisting himself to get up - although according to kids, he was unstable, dizzy and his eyes were spinning up.  In the meantime, instead of calling an ambulance, the camp kept our son in the nurses room, even while he was throwing up nonstop. They called us and told us a lie telling  us it was a simple fall never mentioning the bully attack. While we were on our way to camp, they called again to mention he is throwing up (signs of a serious head injury). Upon our urgiing and begging, they finally agreed to call an ambulance and we met our son in the local Emergency Room. 

We wouldn't wish what we saw on any parent. Our child was in horrible shape. After staying in the ER all day, our son was diagnosed with head trauma and has to be observed by multiple concussion specialists, neurologists, and others. We don't know when he can play sports again. 

The director has lied throughout that day 500 times. A different story each time. On many occasions, he dismissed what happened as nothing important, and his staff laughed it off. He never reported this to the NYS Health Dept like required by protocol and he instructed his staff not to answer calls on us on the very 2nd day. 

The camp never bothered to even call and find out how our child is doing. When we  posted our review across social media, they finally had the decency to ask the nurse to call us. 

If sending a child there, understand that he may be ok, or he may not come out alive. Considering our case of serious head trauma, the odds are leaning to this camp being called one of the most dangerous and worst camps on Long Island. STAY AWAY. TWO THUMBS DOWN. 

My son ended up with a serious head trauma and has to be observed by multiple concussion specialists and we are thanking our lucky stars he is alive. We still don't know what will happen with our sons trauma - but we want all of Long Island to be aware what a horrible camp LUHI is.