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Methods to stop breast milk / lactation

Various methods recommended by our members on how to stop breast milk / lactation.

This website does not provide medical advice. Use these methods at your own descretion.

  • Freeze some cabbage, put on breasts and put on a very tight sports bra or tie a recieving blanket tight. Until u get cabbage, use ice, change every couple of hours
  • Birth control pills..serious. also motrin, ace bandage and ice
  • Plan B Morning after pill. It should technically stop lactation within 24 hrs
  • Everything mint will dry up milk.
  • Motrin 600 every 4 hrs (to releive pain) and ice and very tight binding.
  • Birth control pill is really not recommended. The only thing is to wrap the boobs and wait about a week. I did it with both of my kids. Make sure u wrap them tight but not too tight. Made that mistake with my first, the pain was even worst.
  • I ate garlic, and made a "garlic next to my bed, and everything I ate was with garlic, it kills the milk. Count Dracula couldn't get near me...Tight binding!
  • Took me about 6 days. the pills are no longer prescribed unless some serious medical condition and you need to stop the milk, too many side affects. I had to stop my milk and the best and painless way to do it - pump your milk out completely until your boobs are very soft than immediately apply ice pads to both of your breasts and put a very tight bra on or tie a large long scarf around your chest for few hours, then when the milk come again - do the same pump, ice pads for 30 minutes, tie for few hours. The first 2 days you end up pumping 3 times, the next 2 days 2 times and the other 2 just once a day and the milk is gone.
  • Take Sudafed every 4 hrs, frozen cabbage, and tightly bind, the pain will be excrutiating for the next 2 days, worse than labor
  • Bromoctropine is still prescribed. I took it 3 months ago, had no side effects and dried up within a few days.
  • - it's prescribed for Parkinsons! Do not take it! I took it and became so depressed I was almost suicidal. "Bromocriptine use has been anecdotically associated with causing or worsening psychotic symptoms (its mechanism is in opposition of most antipsychotics, whose mechanisms generally block dopamine)" Also DO NOT pump, it'll just keep coming back and you'll be going round and round in circles. Buy camphor oil (most Russian RXs have it) and put it on your nipples and then bind your breasts as hard as possible. Use frozen cabbage leaves to help with the pain. Also, try not to ingest too many liquids, only when really thirsty and NO hot showers. All of the above burned out my milk in like a week or less, completely. Let me know if you have any other questions...
  • The cabbage leaves have to be separated and frozen, once frozen, put enough to cover breast and tie up tight
  • I would just pump less and less each day. Why suffer?Takes about a week
  • Unless you need to stop ASAP - try stopping gradually. Pump less meaning pump until you just feel comfortable, not emptying the breast completely. When you completely empty the breast that's when your body produces more milk. Good luck!
  • Drink Sage tea
  • Drop one feeding at a time, not cold turkey. There is no engorgement and pain if you do it properly ie gradually - and this will only take about a week