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Mohel: performs rite of circumcision

o Moshe Chaim Friedman - is AMAZING! He did an excellent job with my son. Very clean, calm, great service. Certified Mohel (347) 992-0306.
o Moshe Chaim Friedman hands down. Did a LOT of research. He's on FB and you can see his website
o Rabbi Eliyahu Zimmerman - he has a lot of experience and many of our friends used him as well. He did a great job, I mean I haven't gone comparing but looks good to me :) the procedure was very fast and he was very attentive and patient with explaining how to care for the area.
o Rabbi A. Romi Cohn D.D.C.M.
o Barry A. Meisel, MD, Certified Mohel, Brit Milah Board of Reform Judaism
o -he's an OB in LI, travels all over nyc metro area, performs circ as he would have in the hospital. Uses hospital grade tools and anesthesia. He told us what he would need and we goofed and he made up for it. We are the dumbest jews in the world, he helped us be better. Told us what our ancestors did in the part of Russia where they lived, things none of us knew. He reaserched info on our background before he came and gave a beutiful speach. My son cried once when I took off his diaper, then not a peep. All I heard was murmuring "you have a perfect baby" ... I had a perfect Mohel! What I liked is that he's still in practice as an OB, and still does circs in the hospital too. This was important for my husband as he insisted we do it in a hospital. We essentially brought the hospital to the shul! My family was thrilled I agreed to a bris, my husband relieved that a doctor did it, all were happy and most important my baby didn't feel a thing.
o Gregory Pinhasov - 347-324-0235 or 347-330-1804. He's amazing. Has all the supplies you will need, stays in contact with you after the process, comes to your house several hours after the procedure and will stay in contact with you until it heals the way it should. He'll ask you to send pictures via e-mail, he'll make you feel very comfortable. He's mostly Russian-speaking because he recently came from Israel, but he was a surgeon I believe there, and he definitely knows what he's doing!
 o Rabbi Chirnomas - 973-334-6044


I certainly consider Rabbi Nechemia Markovits of (347) 600-8800 among the most experienced and technically superb senior Mohels in the United States.
On the basis of viewing Rabbi Markovits circumcision technique, he is the master who has learned from the masters.
If we may be of any further assistance in discussing the matter of circumcision and Brit Milah, our personal experience with Rabbi Nechemia Markovits allows us to highly recommend him to you for the performance of circumcision (Brit Milah).
We had the merit of using Rabbi Markovits as the Mohel for our four sons ages 8-days to 19 years old and we thank him greatly.

Sofia Brodsky

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman of (347-992-0306) is simply amazing!! After much extensive research with friends and some doctors that we know - we chose Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman. He is very popular within the Brooklyn Russian community. He uses anesthetics to minimize the baby's discomfort, and is by far the most amazing mohel ever. He even returned the next day to our home to personally remove the bandages and to check the healing. He has many raving reviews online (NYU Hospital Chair and New York Magazine) and we couldn't have been happier.