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Nanny Interview Questions

In this post, you will find great advice from our members about what to ask / say when interviewing and hiring a nanny.
Nanny interview questions
Nanny interview questions

Ask background info questions:
Personal Information
1. Where from?
2. How long here already?
3. On what status?
4. How long intend to stay?
5. Family: here? There?

Character: As someone living in our home, we want to make sure that our everyday habits are compatible.
7. Do you smoke?
8. How do you feel about a big dog?
9. Do you have any concerns about your health?
10. How would you feel, if I asked you to do something my way, when you think it should be done differently?
11. Do you consider important to keep things on it’s places, or it doesn’t matter where it lays.
11.Outline a typical day. Activities? Hobbies?
12. When do you usually get up in the morning?
13. When do you usually go to sleep?
14. What did you do in your free time back home?
15. How many times per week did you get together with friends either at your house or theirs, go out to parties, etc
16. How many hours a week do you typically watch TV?

Work Background
17. What is your goal for coming to US?
18. What kind of work did you do back home?
19. What work have you done here?
If worked taking care of child:
- a) What were the children's ages?
- b) What were your responsibilities?
- c) What did you like about working there?
- d) What did you dislike?
- e) Why did you leave?
20. Reference names and telephones
21. What are your expectations about a live-in nanny position?

Approach to childcare:
22. If you put together a program for a child's day, what would it be? (If took care of kids before - describe daily routine)
23. What are some educational activities you might create for the child? (what have you done in the past?)
24. How do you discipline children? How do you get their cooperation? What do you do if child is disobeying?
25. How do you comfort children?
26. Describe an emergency you experienced involving a child and how you handled it.
(if never one with a child, describe any emergency)
27. What is the maxiumum number of children you have been responsible for at once (include ages) and how did you handle the extra load?

 Other skills:
28. Do you like to cook? What kind of food?
28.a. Time management - how do you juggle household responsibility with
29. How often did you cook back home, and for how many people?
30. What languages do you speak? Read?
31. Do you drive?
32. Do you have any hobbies - e.g. play a musical instrument, like to draw/paint, knit, etc.?
33. We may ask you to help while we have company: Do you feel comfortable helping to prepare food and clean up? What about when there are lots of unfamiliar people around?
34. (If have not worked in US) There are lots of new things you will encounter, from appliances to foods, to the way people behave. How do you feel about your ability to "razobratsa" with all this?
35. We occasionally go on trips, and will sometimes want to take you with us. How do you feel about travel? Flying? Long car trips?
36. How do you feel about staying alone in the house with children while we are on vacation?
37. How do you feel about us coming back from work late?
 1. Cleanliness

Tell the nanny about the job:
1. Priorities
2. Required activities with child
3. Other reponsibilities
4. Work hours
5. Vacations
6. Salary

Tell nanny about house rules:
TV for child
TV for Nanny
Personal visitors
Do not open door to unexpected visitors.
Phone: answering
Phone: personal use
Taking child out of house

Tell nanny about relating to child:
Dicsipline - what behaviors to enforce, what to discourage, & how
Amount of supervision
What works to comfort
What works to influence
Favorite activities, toys, books, etc.

Give nanny instructions:
Medicine instructions
Spare key location
How to operate baby equipment
Operation of appliances - phone, faucets, heater, door locks, stove, microwave, oven, toaster, washing machine
What to do in earthquake, gas shutoff location
What to do in power failure (e.g.How to open garage, etc.)
Always hold hand in car traffic areas
Location of chemicals to be kept out of child's reach

Give nanny Emergency Contact information & Phone Numbers:
Emergency & Poison Control
Friends close by
911 - ask for Russian assistance