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OBGYN Doctors - reviews by members

Our members write about their OBGYNs - Pros and Cons; The good, the bad and the ugly

Dr. Shuster

  • I delivered with Schuster and he is an AMAZING dr, he didn't leave my room not even for a min the WHOLE time I was admitted, he was great all around, I would recomment him to anyone any day!
  • I would recommend against shuster! Not crazy about him as a person, his staff is rude and disrespectful and his waits are at least 2 hours per visit. When I became pregnant I switched out of his practice. And have never regretted doing so.
  • I am 100% for Schuster - I've been his patient for quiet a while now and gave birth with him. My labor was very long and he was by my side the whole time. My friends are happy with him as well.
  • I had a c-section and Dr. Schuster did an amazing job! the scar is very thin and barely seen.
  • I LOVE Dr. Schuster! Can't say enough about him!!
  • Dr. Schuster came highly recommended to me as well, but you have to wait for hours for him to see you. I went twice, waited for over 3 hours each time and never went back.
  • He was born to be a doc. He fights for his patients. Yes, there r long waits for him, that's bc he takes his time with each and every patient.
  • I had a very easy delivery with Dr. Schuster, he is very patient and calm and doesn't rush things. He is very attentive to ur feelings and your wishes.
  • Both of my girls were delivered by Dr. Shuster and I cannot say enough about how amazing, dedicated and pleasant both experiences were. My second delivery became hectic and baby was in distress and he worked extremely fast and efficiently. I love him and highly recommend him!!

 Dr. Iwanicki

  • I love Dr. Iwanicki he is a wonderful, kind doctor. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
  • I had an emergency scar!
  • Dr. Iwanicki is amazing! Everyone I know who went to him is more than happy..and I know 2 girls who were high risk and he literally saved their pregnancy. The staff is unbelievable!!! The only thing is he is out of network and very pricey. But well worth every penny!
  • Dr. Iwanicki has an office in Brooklyn and Manhattan and is affiliated with Lenox Hill and Rosevelt Hospital. Had both of my kids with him. He is absolutly amazing and so is his staff.
  • Dr. Iwanicki is great - he is out of network for most insurances.

Dr. Alexander Shifrin

  • I had 3 C-sections and would HIGHLY reccomend Dr. Alexander Shifrin, he is affiliated with Lennox 718-238-4707
  • I love Dr. Alexander Shifrin he's in bay ridge 9920 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY  (718) 238-4707. My whole family goes to him and a bunch of my friends. You will love him.
  • Dr. Alexander Shifrin - Lenox Hill Hospital. Amazing doctor and I had a great experience with the hospital too.
  • Dr. Alexander Shifrin is great but be careful many of the insurances he takes now out of network and it became too expensive for me so I had to switch.
  • Just great. I personally know at least 3 people who continue to go so shifrin and deliver with him in manhattan even after morving to NJ

 Dr. Sorkin:

  • I was seeing Dr. Sorkin, when I was prego, I suddenly couldn't walk at 12weeks, I got myself to the office before it opened and cried to the receptionist. Dr Sorkin waltzed in late, and told me to take Tylenol. I came back the next day, his PA gave me prescription for antibiotics for a urine infection and an anti-inflammatory. My husband is a physician and was appalled. Especially since I didn't have a Urine Infection. More over they give Zofran like candy, when they should be more cautious with pregnant women. I jumped from OB to OB for a few months, till I found one that understood what was happening to me and she was horrified that a doctor would be prescribing meds left and right for a healthy pregnant woman.
  • Didn't have good experiences with Sorkin and he is not professional or knowledgeable at all. Being in medical field I knew that he wasn't a great doctor.
  • Ya u Dr. Sorkina pochti 8 let, i nikogda ne imela ni kakix problem, rozhala 2x detei y nego, i schastliva chto on moi doktor. Mesyac nazad blagodarya Dr. Sorkiny ya mozhno skazat; ostalas' zhiva. Prekrasnii doktor, nikogda nichego lishnego iz lekarst ne daval. Inna PA ochen' znauschii i ponimauschii chelovek. Tozhe znaet svoe delo. Devochki na front desk prosto zamechatel'nie.
  • I delivered with Sorkin, and never again! Bad experience
  • Dr Leonid Sorkin and Loved him although the waits in his office are ridiculas but he is an excellent and very proffessional doctor he delivered both of my children.
  • Dr Leonid Sorkin, i had 2 c-sections with him and yes u wait but thats because he doesn't rush you out he gives all his attention.
  • I am sorry to say but Dr. Sorkin literally butchered my closest friend during her delivery! He kept her home for 3 days with insanely painful contractions, than when finally admitted her to the hospital he broke her water and brought in infection and during labor after pushing for an hour he cut her up and used a vacuum, with which he still couldn't accomplish what he was suppose to and he took her in for c-section. She was absolutely abused and all cut up everywhere. He than got up a second after the surgery put his jacket on and went home. During her 4 day hospital stay he not once visited. Due to so much strain on all her organs she is now suffering from early menopouse signs at only 30 yrs old. Drs have said its from messing up her systen during labor.
  • Heard some pretty bad things about Dr Sorkin.
  • I delivered with him , had a great experience. he is knowlegeable and patient. I'm sorry, but what happened to the girl above sounds like he tried everything to to a vaginal delivery, but she wans't able to deliver. It happens..

Dr. Gary Fiasconaro

  • I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Gary Fiasconaro. The best obgyn I've ever met! If you google his website will come up


  • Dr.Frenkel is great and never have to wait long in his office. He's on Ocean Ave and W
  • Dr. Frenkel is horrible. He is all about $$$ and mostly likely will do a C section instead of natural birth.

Dr Arie Schwartz

  • Dr Arie Schwartz from the boro park obgyn group... Largest and oldest obgyn practice i nyc. Avoid dr sorkin at all costs

Dr. Richard Wind

  • Beth Israel Hospital in NYC. Hands down best doctor ever. And great hospital, wonderful staff, amazing suite, best nurses.

Dr. Daniel Roshan

  • He is affiliated(and teaches) NYU hospital. he is a high risk doctor but accepts non-high risk patients. I had my son with him. a really great doctor and the staff is very nice never more then a 5 minute wait.
  • He is very through checks every concern.. there is never more then a 15 min wait and he has all the possible equipment in the office you never have to go somewhere else for any level sonogram or any other test imaginable.
  • I had a natural delivery without complications, so I dont know how he is with c-sections, but ive heard good things about him in that regard from his other patients.

Dr. Zhanna Fridel

  • Excellent Doc, did her res at Lenox Hill, currently affiliated with NY Downtown, which has a brand new excellent maternity ward
  • Had my baby at NY downtown and wasn't happy with them

Dr. Samuel Rafalin

  • Samuel Rafalin, just google him - he's awesome and associated with lenox hill... i've been with him for over 10 yrs

Dr. Levitan

  • (Park Ave OBGYN) affiliated with Beth Israel.
  • Dr. Levitan is pretty amazing; or dr. jovanovich on 5th and 74th - affiliated with lenox hill - great doctor; however, works with his father, who lets just say is about 85 years old.

Dr. Inga Zilberstein

  • Delivered my son w her and I am very happy...she is affiliated w Lennox Hill...I was high risk and she was very careful w my entire pregnancy. 

 Dr. Halper

  • He is a bit weird, with not the greatest bed side manners, and a worrier. He continuely sends you to the hospital for check ups (where he already has the reputation LOL). But on the positive notes, he does visit you in the hospital, makes it to the delivery, and overall does know his stuff. But if you like the doctor to explain everything to you, he is not the doctor.
  • My friend also wasnt happy with Dr. Halper.

Dr Irving Butterman

  • Located on Park Avenue in City, very friendly staff, takes many insurances
  • Affiliated with Lennox Hill, always on call, no substitute so you know that he will be performing the labor. 

Boro Park OB/GYN

  • I really like them! It's a group of 8 doctors, they are all very experienced. During my pregnancy, I was seeing Dr. Reizis and Dr. Sklar delivered me. Very knowledgeable. They deliver at Maimonides; and even though it's not 1 doctor, it's nice because they each take turns taking call at the hospital so no matter what day you go into labor someone from the practice who knows you will be in the hospital. I went to them because I worked near there and also because in boro park, they do a lot of deliveries and have tons of experience.

Dr. Mark Vaynkhadler

  • Absolutely would triple recommend Dr. Mark Vaynkhadler!

Dr. Kozhin - 718-615-1828

  • Kozhin all the way, he is a wonderful dr and a great person , a lot of other doctors r just doctors - if u know what i mean, i had a 26 hr labor and he stayed w me for 20 hrs lol without leaving!
  • I have mixed reviews about Kozhin. He was amazing with my first delivery. Stayed with me the entire time, hooked me up with a suite, came to visit the next day, the whole 9 yards. But with my second delivery, he was running late for office ...hours. He pumped me full of petosin, rushed the whole thing, and ran out the minute my baby was born. Nor did he come to check up on me the following day. I still go to him, but it's not the same.
  • The wait times at Kozhin's were unbearable. For 3 separate appointments (various days/times) I had to wait for well over 2 hours each time...was a no go for me personally
  • Dr kozhin delivered all three of mine the third was difficult. he stayed with me for 9 hours and then did a c section. he is professional, safe and very knowledgable wouldnt trust anyone else.
  • I really like Dr. Kozhin. The only downside is the wait time in this office.
  • Dr. Khozin has no bed side manor and his coworker dr tsipa nor him could figure out what was wrong with me and why I bled my whole pregnancy. It was Dr Rose Mary ruggerio and Dr. Sam Shahem who helped me immensely. I was also getting billed from them and some lab meanwhile I had coverage with ghi, guess staff wasn't doing there job either.

Midwifery of Manhattan
member posted: "I was looking for a VBAC doctor to deliver my second baby after a horrific experience with the first delivery by an MD and after being told by a number of Russian and not so russian doctors that i should not (not could not, but should not) i started looking for alternatives.  This office has 6 certified midwifes, you meet them all during pregnancy so there's no surprise on-call.  They deliver at St Lukes (a block away from their office) During labor they are backed up by doctors in case you need medical attention.  Never a wait , all are pleasant and attentive"
Dr. Kakkosian / Dr. Khoury:
Member left this review: "These doctors are husband and wife located on Brighton beach. Although the office is pretty and clean, the personalities of both doctors are Masked by their pretty office. They are both cold, don't ask questions, barely answer questions and make you feel stupid for asking them. They didnt cover any labor procedures with me and when issues came up during labor, he said, "why didn't you tell me during the visit?" (while I'm fully dilated he tells me this). They don't personally care for any patient, everything is about money; an Obgyn is not supposed to take copay, but they did until I complained and seemed upset that I knew my rights. Will literally push c-section, will rush you, will only speak from a cold, medical pov without any emotion. Front desk is good though."


Not happy with Dr. Sorkin I guess he got greedy and lazy over the years. He doesn’t pay attention to his patients as much as he use to when he just started. Dr. Sorking is always late or never in when you need him. Not a great Idea to deliver with him. Wouldn’t recommend and not going back.


After seeing 5 Gynecologists in a 2 years period, I went to Dr. Leonid Sorkin’s Center for Women’s Health in NYC and Dr. Sorkin was the only doctor who diagnosed my endometriosis on the first appointment. After having him as my GYN for 7 years I opted to have him as my OB. I am now pregnant (naturally) with my first baby and he has been with me all the way. He is very knowledgeable and straight down the line. He is also very positive and will answer any questions you ask him. And I have asked him many about my pregnancy and he has always clarified any concerns I may have, not only with my pregnancy but also with my endometriosis. Dr. Sorkin is always contactable and easy to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to anyone.

I have been seeing Dr Sorkin for a few years and he is the best of the best OBGYN in Brooklyn, NYC. Amazing knowledge and nothing is too hard. Dr Sorkin investigated my symptoms (I have had issues with my period for a while) and finally diagnosed me after many doctors failed to do so. Clinical/reception staff at Dr. Leonid Sorkin’s Center for Women’s Health also deserves strong ratings for their ability to meet patient needs with tact and respect. Very happy to highly recommend them to my family and friends.

I have been under care of Dr Leonid Sorkin for all my pregnancy and gynecological needs and have found him to be a wonderful, expert and caring doctor. Now my two youngest sisters have had their babies under his care and he looks after their gynecological needs as well. In all that time he has been contactable 24/7 for emergencies. We are truly grateful for all he has done over the years for our family's obstetric and gynecological health. I unreservedly recommend Dr Leonid Sorkin’s Center for Women’s Health located in Brooklyn, NY because he is trustworthy, caring and professional with a wealth of knowledge that cannot compare.

I went to Dr. Leonid Sorkin’s Center for Women’s Health with an issue and was happy to find that Dr. Sorkin is incredibly professional, friendly and helpful. He listened to my entire story, answered my questions and offered suggestions for next steps. I was thrilled to have an appointment with a doctor who made me feel so comfortable. I will definitely be back!

Doctor Leonid Sorkin has delivered my two beautiful little boys in a very efficient and professional manner. He is the most polite, knowledgeable and professional doctor I have had the pleasure in dealing with. He is always very thorough and has the expertise in making you feel comfortable in all situations. I would have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him in the future. It is very rare to find and be so very comfortable in the presence of a medical practitioner dealing with the very personal nature of his specialty. A fantastic doctor who should be commended in all aspects of his practice as OBGYN.

Leonid Sorkin is certainly a doctor who tells it as it is but I am very thankful for that as my first pregnancy was horrible with everything from very bad morning sickness to bed rest. My labor was even worse and if it wasn't for Leonid and an emergency C - section my son and I could have been in a lot of trouble. I had no hesitation going back to Dr Sorkin for my second pregnancy because he is very knowledgeable and will do everything in his power to ensure you take home a healthy baby. I cannot recommend this Doc highly enough.

I gave birth 1 month ago with Dr. Sorkin. I had such a great experience. My pregnancy went very smooth. I was very nervous about getting thenepidural. My best friend got one and constantly complains of back pain. Dr. Sorkin explained the pros and cons. At 6cms I couldn't hold off so I got the epidural. Dr. Sorkin held my hand through then whole experience. He was caring and definitely put me at ease. I delivered my son 4 hours later. I had a great experience. No cutting. No tearing. Dr. Sorkin is the best.

I gave birth 1 month ago with Dr. Sorkin. I had such a great experience. My pregnancy went very smooth. I was very nervous about getting thenepidural. My best friend got one and constantly complains of back pain. Dr. Sorkin explained the pros and cons. At 6cms I couldn't hold off so I got the epidural. Dr. Sorkin held my hand through then whole experience. He was caring and definitely put me at ease. I delivered my son 4 hours later. I had a great experience. No cutting. No tearing. Dr. Sorkin is the best.

I had a terrible experience with Dr. shuster. I never waited less than 1.5 hours for an office visit. Being pregnant at the time, the waiting was difficult. To top it all off he almost missed my deliver. Than Shuster CUT ME SO BAD that I couldn't walk right for 2 weeks. LADIES STAY AWAY. There are much better doctors out there.

I love Dr. Sorkin. He is knowledgeable, caring and attentive. Both my mother and aunt go to him as well. He delivered both my kids. He also diagnosed my mom with a cancerous polyp after another doctor missed the diagnosis. There can be a wait. BUT, I would rather wait and get great care than go to some other doctor and have him misdiagnose me.