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Packing Check List

1. Will you require proof of my child's age and identity?
2. Can we get seats in a bulkhead row?
3. Does a car seat count as a carry-on?
4. Do you have diaper-changing facilities on the aircraft?
5. What do you charge for lap babies (under age 2)?
6. Check with your airline and the TSA for policies on preboarding, carry-ons, and traveling with breast milk, formula, baby food, etc.
Get it at the USPS POST OFFICE (By Appointment Only). You will be required to bring:
a. Proof of US Citizenship
b. Birth Certificate / Proof of Identity
c. Recent Color Photograph
d. Fees
e. Application

You are not ready for lift off, until you have these:
1. First-Aid Kit - benadryl, pain reliever , thermometer, saline drops, anti-bacterial supplies for treating minor injuries etc.
2. Pacifier, if applicable
3. Car seat, if applicable (if you plan on renting a car, you will need a car seat)
4. Toys/iPad with fun apps (i.e. Travel Magna Doodle, Puzzle, Shapes or Cards, Books, Play-Doh, etc) Here is a link to Favorite iPad Apps:
5. Lightweight stroller (Here is a link to recommendations:
6. Diapers/Swimming Diapers
7. Pelenki
8. Blankets/Sheets/Towel
9.  Ziplock Plastic bags - come in handy at some point
10. Diaper rash cream
11. Wipes
12. Small bottles of disinfecting hand gel, baby wash, and baby lotion
13. Baby Food / Formula
14. Bathing suit/Trunks
15. Clothes/Pajamas (take extra set of clothes on the plane), socks, sandals, shoes, crocs. (One to two outfits per day is a good guideline)
16. Tissues
17. Washable bibs
18. Sun hat / Sun glasses
19. Sunblock (California Baby, Kiss My Face, Blue Lizard SPF 30)
Here is a link to the best rated and safest sunscreens:

20.Utensils / Take 'n Toss Disposable utensils / Disposable bottles ( or
21. Food for the plane, snack / finger food (cheerios, baby carrots, cut up apples), formula, water, and juice if appropriate
22.Extra bottles, nipples, and sippy cups if appropriate
23. Energy-boosting snacks for you to munch on
24. Sling or front carrier
25. Beach Toys / Inflatable devices
26. Make sure the hotel is able to supply a crib and mattress (other options: pack 'n play, travle cribs)
27. Baby toothbrush, if applicable
28. Mosquito net for the stroller
29. Camera
Here is a link to the Universal Packing List, which can be customized according to your travel plans/needs: