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Pediatric Opthamologist


  • Dr. Steven Rosenberg -  902 49 st. 718 283 8000
  • Dr. Mark Steele * - Brooklyn office in Boro Park. 1552 49th Street 718-435-2020; He is a Director of Pediatric Opthomalogy and Strabismus Division at NYU.
  • Dr. Nam - in same group as Dr. Steele, above. She has office in boro park it was a lot quicker to get to see her
  • Dr. Marc Lustig* -  in boro park - 718-435-2020 and address is 1552 49th street
  • Dr. Brian Campallataro - (212) 684-3980
  • Dr. Raymond Reich - on west end ave in bk
  • Dr. Ann Arthur - 718-857-4099; located in downtown Brooklyn; knowledgeable and excellent with small kids
  • Dr. Ceisler - excellent in brooklyn or manhattan 718 435-2020
  • Dr. Julie Nam -  718-435-2020
  • Dr. Wisnicki - on Park Ave in Manhattan, 212-844-2020
  • Dr. Campolotaro in NYC have to be very good, I fill a lot of his glasses Rx.
  • Dr Lustig
  • Dr. Ilona Polnariev - Gelfond. Has an office in Brooklyn and SI. Excellent.
  • Dr. Lichtenstein - 718 468 9800
  • Dr. Richard Koty - in Manhattan for several years and I highly recommend him. He shares an office with an optician who is great with kids as well. Dr. Koty also has an office on Long Island. Contact info: 157 E. 72nd St., New York, NY 10021-4331 (between Lexington & 3rd Avenues), (212) 517-9931

*  highly recommended


I only can say this Dr. doesn't deserve a title Dr. as this person operates as a Business man! All he wants is to withdraw as much money from your insurance as much as possible. He completely doesn’t care about your child. Here is my story:

My son has tear duck in both eyes. We came to Dr. Rosenberg when my son was 7 month old. We had to wait almost 3 hours to just see him. At the time when Dr. came in to the room to see us, we were extremely pissed off, that it takes 3 hrs to be seen. Again my son was just 7 m old. So when we asked this Dr, why does it takes so long and why doesn't he give breaks to small children as mine, his reply was that everyone is treated in his office equally! So if you ask me its complete BS! So on the other note, he wasn't helpful at all and we had to leave the office because my son was already acting up as it was his time to eat.

Bottom line - DO NOT go to this Dr!