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Post Partum Belly Wraps

  • Belly Bandit
  • I bought girdles from this site, they are amazing, especially post surgical ones -
  • Get the one they provide in the hospital- hospital grade stomach bandage - they really strong and adjustable and it's free
  • Squeem -
  • Wink belly band post pregnancy. The best money ever spent. It was pretty steep, but after the two c-sections that I had, my stomach went (almost) back to normal. I tried everything after my first one, including the belly bandit and spanx. This one is a surgical panty. And unlike the belly bandit, it's seamless under clothes. I bought 2 sizes, just so I can wear them for a while. At first it was hard to get in them, but after a week, I couldn't even feel them.
  • C panty specially designed to help heal the incision and suck in belly
  • My hospital had belly wraps, I just ask for one and they gave it to me, check with your hospital they might have the same thing.
  • Belly bandit reminds me of the Medela one I had which wasn't strong enough.
  • Wink belly band looks amazing and exactly what I'm looking for. Getting two sizes is probably a good idea as one will stretch.
  • I loved Squeem. It's not bulky like the medical one, it works, and it gives you nice hourglass figure while you wear it. I went to a wedding after birth and it worked wonders under an evening gown.
  • I really liked this one:
    I used their cs corcet, worked great, but you will not be able to wear it right after the surgery, I used regular surgical binder ( wrap around first), and then, probably after a month the corset
  • Wink post pregnancy bikini. I ordered it in, it was on sale. It's awesome. Should be worn right away after giving birth.
  • The cream( it's jellylike) called sweet sweat. I would put it on my belly and love handles. Then I would put on one of those rubber belts, I got the one by McDavid, around my waist and hips. And then the rubber pants by Delfin Spa (awesome for cellulite). Got it all on Amazon. You do have to wash by hand everything when you take it off, because everything will be sweaty. At first, the pants are so uncomfortable, but then u get used to them.
    You put that gel, it's like petrolium jelly. Then the belt right on top. That's why you need to wash it every day with some soap and water.