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Sleepaway Camps

  • Surprise Lake Camp
    "It is absolutely amazing. I think there is nothing better for kids then the mountains, the warm Jewish songs sung as a whole camp by the lake. The hikes, the friends, the sun, the beautifully transmitted Jewish traditions! I can't wait to send my children to that camp and visit them on visiting day!
    If you are nervous about the whole summer- the get your feet wet program is a fantastic way to try. The place is so picturesque, and the staff was very friendly and attentive to kids. They had a nurse on staff, who had called us before the camp started to find out more about my kid's allergies. They have tons of activities throughout the day. The only drawback is that bungalows are old ( the camp is over 100 years old. ) But the cabins are dry. I would also recommend to try "Get Your Feet Program" first, which lasts only 4 days. My son went through it first."
  • Long lake camp
    see the website. Amazing!
  • Camp Havura
  • Camp Pontiac
  • Echo camp
  • Camp Shomria (Liberty, NY)
    "I loved it. My parents sent my younger sister and I to a sleep away camp in Liberty, Upstate new york. My sis was about 7 and i was maybe 13, 14. It was a jewish/israeli camp. It WAS THE BEST CAMP EVER. my sister and I are still cool with many of the people from camp. Everyone there is extremely friendly, and they have tons and tons of activities and they make you understand what work is, and culture and every fri night Sabbath was great. its lots of fun and veryyyyy educational. And let me tell you we were both looking forward to next years doc one back. We went there for years and years after. You get scholarships/financial aid."
  • Young Judaea Camps
    "I've done sleepaway camp my entire life. loved it!!! definitely built character, leadership, helped form opinions, helped become more extraverted; helped brush things off easier; helped not judge others harshly; helped with relying on others and trust others; helped with learning to share and much more. i went to young judaea camps. Although the camp i attended was not russian and it was based on some zionist movement groundwork, 99.9% of the campers were wealthy non-religious american kids from upper east, upper west, Texas ranches; hamptom mansions, and the like. it exposed me to a different lifestyle, taught different standards, opened up my horizons for lifelong future connections...think of it this way: it's like going to a yale or harvard type of summer camp. For others that may be interested, check out youngjudaea camps. As a result, I never became more religious, and neither did my friends. It's more of a leadership camp. Worth looking into IMO. it really was life-changing."
  • Camp Vacamas
    "I went to Camp Vacamas for 3 summers and loved it. I tried Olympic and hated it, called my mom to sign me up for Vacamas instead for second sessions."
  • Golden Slipper in Poconos.
    "Decent price. You can get scholarships."
  • Camp Nah Jee Wah
    "Last year we sent our almost 8 year old son and our 6.5 year old daughter for 1 week to Camp Nah Jee Wah on the NJ/PA border. They loooved it. Since the day they came home, they've been begging to go back."