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Summer Getaway and Communities

o Hamlockfarms, PA -beach, tennis court, swimming pools, playgrounds for kids etc.
o Wild Ackers, PA
o Arrowhead lakes, PA -very kid friendly. Many playgrounds for kids, 4 different beaches, 3 heated pools. one of the pools is excellent for kids of any age. They have different activities for children , a club house. It's a gated private community that is very clean. Its a 15 min drive from large supermarkets, 25 min drive from the crossings. within the community they have poker tournaments for adults, movie nights, fishing, boat rental, and other activities
o Saw Creek Estates
o Eagle Lake Community, PA - trailers
o Lake Naomi
o The Hideout at Lake Ariel. Gated community, 2 pools, 2 beaches, tennis courts, brand new recreation center. They have organized activies for kids.
o Masthope Community in Lackawaxen, PA
o Susan's in Monticello on White Lake, upstate NY
o Locust Lake Village (LLV) - we rented there for the past 4
years and are happy with it. This community doesn't have a pool, only 3 lakes with lifeguards. There are also arts / crafts activities for kids twice in the morning during the week and larger kids activity on the weekend. There is a good number of russian-speaking families each summer with about 50/50 mix between babushkas and parents. Each lake has different
mix of boys/girls and ages. The lake we've been staying has mostly boys, but there is a girl around your daughter's age. Not sure if your babushka is driving, but if not, the earlier you book the better, since houses withing walking distance to lake/pool usually go fast. One thing to note about AHL - lake and pool are far from each other, so if you are within walking distance of one, then you will need to drive to another.