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Teething remedies

Teething pills, gels, remedies recommended by our members

DISCLAIMER: does not offer medical advice. Content in this article is a compilation of posts by our members. Please use at your own discretion and consult a medical professional:

  • Humphreys Teething Tablets
    -"any walgreens, cvs has them. They are little balls that dissolve. Worked great for my son"
  • Boiron Camilia teething relief
    - "Boiron teething gel, it's a natural french company and they sell it at any health organic stores, worked magic for us!"
    - "amazing stuff."
    - "Boiron teething drops really help."
    -"the only thing that really helped us was Camelia by Boiron, and we've tried everything!"
    -"Boiron Camilia Teething Drops are a god send. Works in 10 minutes and all natural. Much easier on their little bodies then tylenol or motrin."
    - "Boiron all the way!!!!!!"
    - "Camillia works but not with molar teeth. Also do not give traditional medicine together with homeopathic."

    Do NOT buy Boiron Camilia teething relief from Forces of Nature - as their price is DOUBLE the price of a regular pharmacy!!  Instead buy it from pharmacies, such as Right Choice Pharmacy (Marine Park) or Bright Pharmacy (Brighton Beach)

  • Frozen wet cloth
    - "Try wetting wash cloth and letting it freeze in freezer -put into ziploc to keep clean, and then let the baby bite, suck, it worked for cause she did not want any teething toys"
  • Hyland's Teething Tablets
  • Frozen teething rings and binkies
  • Frozen breastmilk
    - "I froze breast milk in ice cube trays put the milk cubes in a mesh feeder and let him such ok it."
    - "Breastmilk ice pops."
  • Motrin
    - "used motrin when it was really bad..."
  • Boob
    "Boob indefinitely!"
  • Chamomile tea
    - "lightly brew it and swab gums with qtip dipped in it"
  • Whiskey
    - "Qtip dipped in whisky works too :) "
    - "I'm so with you on whisky!!! A qtip for the little one and a shot for mommy :)
  • Calgel teething gel
    - "worked for my kids, it's made in UK but you can buy it on Amazon now. Years ago it was only available direct from Europe."
  • Teeth Relief - dilute one drop of clove oil in 1 tablespoon of olive oil and rub it into baby's gums; use as needed every two hours



  • Orajel - WAS RECALLED (check for restocking information)
  • TEETHING TOYS FILLED WITH LIQUID/GEL - baby can bite through, and you really don't know what's in that water made in China