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Toddler Cough Remedies


  • Mucinex cold
  • Dimitapp
  • great chinese syrup for cough-  NIN JIOM PA KOA, sore throat syrup. I usually use it when kids sick and coughing not as a syrup, but as tea sweetener. You can find it in any pharmacy or herb store in china town.
  • Chestal from Boiron - homeopathic
  • Heel- homeopathic cough syrup
  • Nectadyn
  • Zarbees - it's an all nat cough syrup; works miracles
  • Boil few onions, when they zakepetat take the juicy that's from it and give it to the child u can put a little honey in. Works faster. You can do that 3times a day.
  • Put salt on dry pan, heat it up really well. put it in a big sock tie it, wrap it in the towel MAKE SURE ITS NOT TOO HOT FOR HER AND put it on her chest AWAY FROM HER HEART. DO IT WHILE SHE SLEEPS. MAKE SURE SHE HAS NO FEVER
  • You CAN MAKE MASH POTATOES w skin is ok, add lil vodka put it in plastic bag wrap it in towel and put on the chest, AWAY FRM HEART.
  • I heated up some vodka on stove and added to honey and rubbed all over chest and back and put shirt over it and then whatever he/she sleeps in over the shirt. By morning they'll absorb it all.
  • take black red'ka and make a whole in the middle..pour honey there. Let it stand.. Then give the baby the liquid it will produce.
  • best remedy for anything that has to do with kids; Eucaliptus essentail oil and lavender essential oil! its amazing. in the shower you put a drop of eucaliptus in ever corner and stay in the shower as long as you can so steam opens up the lungs and bronciouls. then after the shower, rub three drops of lavender with one pump of lotion and put in on the back and chest. its amazing! The eucaliptus helps child cough it all up and the lavender when inhaled is an antibiotic, and soothes the throat and lungs! i havent used drugs or antibiotics on my baby since birth, this remedy is amazing and safe!