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  •  Karina Rozenberg - member of RP group


Myanmar is a land of mystic landscapes. The archipelago, the lake and the varied greenery of the place is all magnetizing to suit the exploring nature of a traveler and poetic frenzy of an artist. The place is yet to be discovered in its totality and this hidden country has diversity in culture and belief. With the rich heritage this is growing to be the most attractive destinations for the tourists. Travel to Myanmar and enjoy its rich heritage, attractions, places of interest and cultivate in your that diversity of customs and the beliefs to know the locals better. This place is sure to embellish your memory making it nurture the sweet chords for future.

To get to know more enlighten your knowledge on the best of Myanmar. Land up in the lap of mystic nature of Myanmar.

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Karina Rozenberg 347-733-0447 - homebased..great prices

PLEASE ADD ME! :) thank you! Irina - 585-204-0344

Anna - 347-247-0975 - - Homebase travel agent