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Two 5-yr old kindergarten children caught naked in their class bathroom in NJ. Teacher may lose her job

Just when we thought we've heard and seen it all, the news comes out that 5-year-old kindergarteners (a boy and a girl) were found naked in their class bathroom "having sex". And, to top it off, their teacher, Kelly Mascio is suspended even though she immediately reported the incident to the principal of the school. At present, the rural NJ township is moving to permanently suspend the teacher from teaching in NJ, although the police found no criminal action on the teacher's part. 
According to PressofAtlanticCity:

          "Mascio, who has been teaching for more than 15 years and has children in Mullica Township schools, has been suspended with pay since a Sept. 30 incident in her classroom. According to a police report, two 5-year-olds — a boy and girl — went into the in-classroom bathroom together. Mascio found them naked in the restroom, and they told her they were “having sex,” according to the report.

Mascio immediately reported the incident to Principal Matthew Mazzoni, who in turn advised the Police Department and the state Department of Youth and Family Services, according to the police report. Mascio was immediately suspended.

The Board of Education met Wednesday night in executive session to determine whether to certify the charges, which would bring the issue before a state arbitrator to decide if Mascio can be fired.  About 200 people came out in Mascio’s support, but the board refused to tell the public whether it had certified the complaint, Rheault said. She added that Sept. 30 was a highly unusual day, and children were moving in and out of Mascio’s classroom for MAPS benchmark testing."

So, we ask, what do Russian parents think? Should the teacher be held responsible? We know we would be horrified to find out our children were caught doing hanky panky in school..........not to mention, in a kindergarten class!   How do five-year olds even know what "sex" is?!   Who should be blamed for this incident?  Post your thoughts below!