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Vicious assault and robbery in Midwood this morning - man beaten unconscious.

Brooklyn, NY - Police are hunting down two men who beat and burglarized a 20 year old Midwood man early Monday morning.


The victim was strolling home from the train and was on Avenue M at East 8th Street in Midwood Brooklyn when he was attacked from behind by a suspect who hit him in the head with a fist. Police said that the victim tumbled to the ground and was beaten over and over by the attacker as the victim lay on the ground. 


Then a second suspect arrived to the scene, and the pair searched the victim's pockets, stealing his wallet and iPhone. The two men, wearing light shaded jeans and hoodies, fled towards Ocean Parkway. The whole scene was caught on surveillance video.


As indicated by the NYPD, the beating is being examined as assult and robbery. 


Assemblyman Dov Hikind stated that both he and Senator Simcha Felder will be declaring a $3,000 joint reward to be paid to any individual with information leading to the capture of the two culprits. Please call 1-800-577-TIPS with any information.