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Articles in "pregnancy-birth"

by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman

In light of recent news that California Baby has changed/altered the formulation of certain baby product lines (i.e. California Baby Shampoo now contains sodium benzoate, when before, it did not), parents are now searching for safer product brands for their little ones. Here is the "safe" list...(Thanks to!)

List of recommended Mohels as recommended by the members pf Russian Parents Group.

Great advice and recommendations from members of the Russian Parents group on how to increase your milk supply.

Where to rent a hospital grade pump?

Post-partum belly wraps recommended by the members of the Russian Parents group.

List of fertility specialists recommended by our members.

List of consultants that help with baby sleep issues.

Professionals who promote the development and advancement of lactation recommended by our members.

Woman who assists at labor and birth and in postpartum care of mother and baby. Doulas/Midwifes are trained and certified according to various requirements of local jurisdictions. They are helpful in educating the new family and in helping build their confidence as new parents.

Our members write about their OBGYNs - Pros and Cons; The good, the bad and the ugly.