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A2Z Daycare and Afterschool


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Primary address
3053 Ave U
Brooklyn, NY 11229
United States
Phone: 718-368-1234
40° 36' 3.8124" N, 73° 56' 10.5396" W
Jayne Lipkovich
Pre-school/Nursery School
Full-Time or Part-time: 
Age Range: 
2 to 5+ yrs
Provides meals.


we couldn't be happier! great place!

For the first time ever, we finally found a day care my child loves. does not want to go home when we pick him up.

Went to check out this day care, as I am a very picky Mom, it wasen't recommended but wanted to see what people are talking about because heard of some saying that this is a good day care. Well not for me nor my child. It didnt look so clean, I compeletely disagree with another review someone posted that they made them take of their shoes, they did not ask me to take off my shoes :) It's like a joke. I saw the kids were all over the place no stricture of groups nor education.. Tv was on while the kids were playing..
Just not for us. Very unprofessional place.

I LOVE THIS DAYCARE AND THE TEACHERS ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!  Below person said something about TV, but they only watch it in the evening during pick up time when the weather is bad outside.  I know it because of my different work schedule I bring my daughter in at different time and they are always on the schedule which they provided me with when I signed up.  My daughter gets so tired at the end of the day because of their many activities that honestly I am so happy with.  She comes home telling so many different stories, songs, and poems that I am in shock of because every week it's something new.  The food is amazing and the place is spotless.  LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU!!!!!

 some parents are happy with it, others really dislike it because of a high usage of TV


We switched to this daycare center from another place and we realized that we should have done it sooner!

I have been to many daycares and I am very picky!!! A 2 Z is the cleanest and nicest daycare with the best program for children ages 2-6. When I came in to see it, they made me take off my shoes before entering the classrooms unlike other daycares. The food is very healthy and is made fresh everyday. The program is very advanced and hands on. My child tells me things about them making project about watching the butterflies lifecycle and them planting the seeds and watch the flowers grow. I mean WOW!!! Never in my life did I think my 3 year old can learn so many things!!!

Thank You A 2 Z!

love it, and there is always parking.

I so disagree about the rules and their policy. They are very strict about who picks them up because they wouldn't give my child to my sister in law even though my child new her. I got a phone call from the owner and asked me if she can give my child to the person who she didn't know. I had to add in her name to the list of people who I allow to pick up my child!!!! Before giving my child to me the teacher always checks the pampers in front if me to make sure they are not full. I pick her up always clean with beautifully done hair, happy and she's thrilled to go to daycare in the morning. I'm also happy about their education and their food. The owners are very professional and are always there to answer my questions or concerns. I'm also happy to experience their sick policy. They really work with parents by making sure that sick children are not allowed back to day care until given a doctors permission. I can go on and on. Just visit them and you will see for yourself!!!!!

very happy with this daycare

I am very happy that we took our child out of this day care. I personally can't call this place a day care. My child always came home dirty with a huge diaper rush or full of pee in a diaper and always hated to go in the mornings.  Teachers never cared and never pay attention to the kids. The owner is un professional and needs to learn how to run a day care first before opening up one. There are no specific policies, no security (kids can be picked up by anyone as long as they are recognized as relatives by a child). Not a good exprience. Very unhappy parents..

Disagree with the whole comment!!!!!!

totally unfounded! can't agree with a single negative comment in this post.

We have visited five different daycares in brooklyn area. Came to a2z unannounced, and met with the owner, Jane (Zhenya). Had a chance to see four groups which were all under spectacular supervision during arts and crafts activity and puppet theater show. Place is clean and fresh. Signed up and can't wait to start.

P.S. food was being cooked and smelled great while we were there in the office discussing things.

didn't like this day care, came in did not like the vibe.. A lot of screaming kids, no one seems to care there, the owner seems un pleasant..

We are very happy. Plenty of good things to say.

sorry, posted 2x

So many good things to say about this daycare! We love the curriculum and the teachers. My son has been in a few different centers and we are so happy we finally found one that treats him as an individual and not a number. He loves coming to 'school' and continues to surprise us everyday with what he learned.  Excellent, heart felt, warm, nurturing environment where children thrive.  Unique holiday shows (utrenniki), educational trips.  We will definitely be staying on with their Pre-K program. Highly recommended!

I don't want to get into details, but do not like this day care from the start.. And do not recomeneded it..

Karina, enough of your vile remarks. State your issues with this daycare or move on.

Love this daycare, owner and teachers are great!! My son has graduated over 6 months ago and talks about how much he misses everyone to this day. Fresh, healthy food, clean all around,educational and just a great environment all around.

At first you come to this day care and you think wow amazing clean, the owner Jane sounded nice and her mom is there who cooks.. Looked really nice.. Started going there to try, my kids after a month were crying did not want to go there, I asked them why what's wrong, I thought everything is fine for few weeks, they told me the teacher screams at me (my son) I don't like the food, they are very mean mommy) that was it. For me. With this day care.. Than I got what is going on and a few moms complained to me and actually took their kids out, so that's my story plus there was something else that I'm not going to talk about on here that I didn't like and saw..

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