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Russian Parents - Community Rules & Guidelines

We take pride in keeping our group respectful, pleasant, and enjoyable for our members.Please read the following guidelines before posting. Violating these guidelines will cause a pernament removal from the group without further explanation of reasons. We will not get into melodramatic discussions about why certain members were banned. If someone was banned, it was because they violated BELOW guidelines. Disclaimer: these guidelines may be edited at any time.


1. Self-Promotion is Spam

Most posts are read by our administration and moderation team. If we catch questionable advertising content, it will immediately be removed. Any post that is considered advertising for one's self-interests, including the promotion of a product, service, another group, or any site, fits under this subject.

In this group, you are not permitted to self-promote your or your friend's business, groups or sites you run or are in any way affiliated with. You are also not permitted to post unsolicited business recommendations for obvious reasons. 


Occasionally, members will see a thread prefixed with "SP". These are rare sponsor's announcements. Our sponsors help keep our website up and running. If you are interested in sponsoring our website, contact us through this website.  Repeat violators who post promotional content will be permanently removed without further explanation.


2. Language and Trolling

Our community is family-friendly. By family friendly, we do not mean there are kids in this group. We mean that vulgar/offensive language towards RP-members is not allowed. This constitutes the use of any kind of offensive, discriminatory, racist or sexist remarks or otherwise inappropriate material. Inappropriate language will potentially be removed and users will be warned or banned.


Lastly, if it is abundantly clear that a user has no intention of positively contributing to RP group discussions, combined with an abrasive, combative attitude, they will be banned. Users must demonstrate an interest in contributing to to RP discussions in a positive manner. In other words, users who wish to do nothing but argue politics, call RPs names or bash admins are not welcome as they do nothing to contribute to the group and are not worth the trouble and headaches. 


3. Personal Attacks

In order to maintain a positive atmosphere, no personal attacks or insults will be tolerated. While discussions may become heated, it is not an excuse to result to attacks or insults. There is a difference between a passionate, respectful discussion and one that delves into personal matters. Think of it as debating issues, not individuals. When the line is crossed, the discussion may be closed by the moderation team. This rule is very simple, really. BE NICE TO OTHERS and treat others the way you want to be treated. Violators will be warned and potentially banned.


4. Spamming and Dupliate Content

In order to maintain a useful forum atmosphere, spam posts and/or duplicate posts are not tolerated. This rule is very simple - we all know what spam is. Moreover, posting the same or similar message in various posts is considered spamming and may result in removal from the group. Duplicate messages may be deleted as we cannot consolidate posts in FB groups. 


5. Selling personal items

While the group was originated for question/answer type questions, we realize that members have pre-loved things they would like to sell and there are members that may want to buy them. Please be courteous and bundle multiple items into a SINGLE album instead of posting such multiple items into separate threads. Do not spam the group with your things to sell, no one likes it, it's highly annoying and we will delete if we notice it.


6. Moderators and Administrators  - questions/issues

 If you have a problem or a complaint, direct it to the administrators and/or moderators by a Private Message (PM). Do NOT post a thread discussion about your issues in how we run this group. Admin-bashing is not permitted. We are not paid or rewarded to run this group. We run an accompanying website and yes, we do have website sponsors. But this group is run in our free time to help the community. Initiate drama in the group, and you can be assured that you will be banned. So please be nice and PM us should you have any issues/questions. We reserve the right to ban flagrant offenders when deemed necessary, with or without prior warning. As admins, we have the final word.  


7. Multiple Accounts Per Individual Are Not Permitted

Profiles are reviewed as time permits. We try to only allow actual human profiles. Though every once in a while, a "troll" slips in. If we notice a troll, we remove him/her promptly.


8. Use Group Search and Browse Group Website

RP secret group has been active since 2011. Overtime, we have accumulated lots of useful lists based on member questions and relevant threads. We have compiled much  useful information and posted it on our website, If you don't find what you need on our website, try also searching the group. The search button is on the top right-hand side, using keywords like "best doctors", "daycare reviews", "best travel getaways". Asking the same question over and over annoys other members. So please try to utilize the website and the search button prior to posting a new thread.


Again, please follow the above guidelines when posting in our group. If you have any questions, please PM us. We welcome you to our group and appreciate your membership. Above all, remember to invite your friends.